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dziewczyna na łące anna pijas

Gabi Ż.

Beautiful pictures and great photographer - that's all there is to say <3.

anna pijas fotografia opinie klientów

Agnieszka C.

I love Anna's unique style. Her pictures've got that something, they caputure feelings, emotions that happen in split seconds. Moreover, in cooperation, she turns out to be very open as well as creative. I can honestly recommend her.

anna pijas fotografia opinie klientów

Nina S.

I can recommend Ania with all my heart! We asked her to cover the Baptism ceremony of our son. She turned out to be a very easy-going, open person, with a big smile. She managed to capture all of the emotions, moments that were for us important. If you are still hesitating if she is the right choice - do it no longer! Just call and ask for your session.

anna pijas fotografia opinie klientów

Ola K. & Jarek Ż.

We found her to be a real professional and the atmosphere very relaxing. Anna makes everybody feels comfortable and naturally during the session. The only drawback we want to complain about is that she's made too many beautiful pictures: we couldn't make up our minds and choose only a little part of them!

anna pijas fotografia opinie klientów

Magdalena M. & Rafał M.

Anna is a wonderful person with a great passion and talent in photography. On the session she can easily create unbelievably casual and relaxing atmosphere and make everybody feels good. She's creative, with lots of ideas, as well as very open for our needs. We admire her great attitude to children: these very small babies and these few years older <3. We recommend her services to everybody on every occasion. Her photos are gorgeous... 

anna pijas fotografia opinie klientów

Magdalena Sz.

She's a real angel with a camera in her hands. Anna certainly has got a talent for creating wonderful amtosphere <3. Thank you so much for the beautiful session...

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Andrzej Ch.

There's so much heart in her pictures...

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Dominika L.

An unbelievebly good photographer with big sense of style. She can create a wonderful atmosphere during the shooting and photos you will get will blow your mind ;). He loves taking challenge: thanks to her I've got a splendid wedding reportage shot in Paris <3.

anna pijas fotografia opinie

Agnieszka i Damian T.

Anna simply loves what she does, you can see it in her photos! We highly recommend her services.

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Jula & Aleksander

Our choice is Anna! We've had the pleasure to be photographed by her: the atmoshere was great and the photos even greater...

anna pijas fotografia opinie klientów

Ewa O.

Anna loves people, the camera (and it's mutual) and what se does. Her love can be seen on every single picture she takes.